Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ninja Mouse and the nice yellow cheese from France.

Ninja  Mouse.
Hello my name is Ninja Mouse. I am on a secret mission to recover the lost cheese of leRat.
I am a secret agent I am trying to get that cheese. I work for my caption he is a agent to his name is leRat. He put me on a secret mission. I am going to get cramp trapped the cheese was on the mouse trap there was a problem. Getting that nice yellow cheese but it is sad i must have to get something am i supposed go to france and get a nater nic yellow cheese

Friday, 21 September 2012


Today it is so fun because it is very cool we are playing games. Very fun games we are playing
ball tiggy, and three legged shocker.touch, and basketball. Thats is all the games we played
they were all cool and my team is cowld mexico we almost won but we lost we always lose.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Today we are playing basketball. We are using the netball court. It is hard and easy  for us the green team.
We are playing the blue team. When the game was over it was funny because we lost. I thought that we were going to win  so sad. too bad, we lost, but we lost.

It was time for the blue team to play the red team.
It was hard for all the the blue. team and the red team the red team won.

It was time to go to class

Farewell Mrs Verry

On Friday Miss Verry was going  it was sad the howl people in the  hall was sad and when she was going she cried.  Miss Verry was a good lady every day when people always have a fight
Miss Verry would be there and she would be there even if you're sad.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cross Country ReCraft

Today we practiced recrafting a piece of writing the first paragraph
belongs to aldora and the second is mine.

I had fun running the whole track with my friends. It was awesome, and most of all it’s fun hearing about your friends achieving their goals. It was an amazing day.

Around the track I had fun. Running with my friends. Hearing about my friends achieving their goals, it made my day awesome.