Thursday, 15 November 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festivl

This week we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival and we watched all the movies. Glen Brae school went to the museum  with their teacher and they were singing a song about going to the museum and I thought it was a really good song.  It was the best movie.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Scary night story.

   Scary night story.
One Night was a scary night it was time to go bed. Intel I heard something. It was coming from under my bed. I was about to cry but i didn't I standed up for myself and I cried. Because I was hearing footsteps It was just like paranormal activity 4. But much much scarier than paranormal activity 4 it was real it sound real so I ran to my dad and mum I jumped in there bed and that wasn't my mum or my dad it was dead people with no legs.

I ran away again then i got tired I my mum and dad hanged I ran outside and the gats were and there was a dead lady standing up by the gate. So went in the garage there were dead people.
I was crying then someone came and it was a man he could him it was my uncle rocky.
He is not scared of ghost.

A scary doll story.

     The girl that gets turned into a doll.
One day a little girl was skipping down a snowy footpath, she made it to her favorite doll shop. She wrote her name onto the blackboard Alma perfect her name is Alma.

She looked behind her because there was a sound of cogs. And there was a doll that looked like Alma. Wanted that doll so she walked to the door and tried to open it.

The door wasn't opening then she walked away and threw a snowball at the door window. Then the door opened then she walked into the shop slowly and the doll that looked like her went on the shelf Alma bumped into a doll that was on a bike. It looked like it was trying to escape out of the shop until the door closed.

The doll on the bike with rusty chains, smacked its head onto the wooden door over and over again in desperation.

When Alma looked up again, her doll that looked like her had disappeared somewhere. She was looking around where the doll had last been seen but it wasn't there. When Alma looked up to a shelf filled with dolls she saw the doll she was looking for then started to climb up to the doll.

She saw two girl dolls moving their eyes looking at her. Alma had found what she was looking for. The doll that looked like Alma wasn’t moving its eyes and Alma was still trying to get the doll by climbing on the shelves filled with dolls.

The doll that looked like her kept on disappearing from one shelf to another. But Alma didn’t care she was careless in that doll shop.

Alma finally climbed up to the top shelf she touched the doll’s chest then suddenly Alma turned into a doll she couldn’t move at all, all she could do is move her eyes side to side.