Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Whether And Rain.

Todays weather is terrible because it’s pouring with rain everywhere it’s cold and  frosty everywhere. But it’s warm in my class because we have a big heater. Everywhere around our school  is big mud puddle patches and our grass is dying because it’s winter today we are going to have to wait until summer.

In the village were the little kids classes are lots of mud puddles because lots of kids keep jumping in the mud puddles thats why it is muddy. In the senior block there's a big patch of mud in the middle of the classes and people keep slipping down and getting dirty.

On the field I think they're going to close it down. Because there is lots of big puddle and mud puddles as well when students try to play a sport like touch they slip and get heart and get sick because it’s cold and and it’s winter.

I cant wait until the sun comes up because I want to go and play games outside with my friends. We all like playing octopus every time when we go on the bottom field sometimes when it’s wet and muddy we play on the courts.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Kyal murry family And What He Got For A Present.

In the weekends Kyal bought a new game, it’s called watchdog and Gta5. He plays it all the time when he goes home after school. he's got the new games that he wanted, he was happy. He almost already to complete it but he just needs to complete some more missions.

He is 1m 70cm tall and he is 12 and his birthday on October the 21st and was born in greenlane hospital in 2001. His parents name is Joan and Lizzy. He likes eating chocolate and pies and carl jnr. He was born in New Zealand. Kawiti ave 5.

He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His brothers names are Kori,Heath,Byise. His sisters name is Gina,Vini,Junee. But they don’t live with him coz their grown ups. They can look after themselves.