Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

Today at school we had an Immersion Assembly.  We started from team 1 all the way to team 5. Team 1 production/movie was about going to the zoo to see the animals. It was amazing seeing all sorts of animals. Like a lion, bear, sharks and other animals. Then when they were all most   finished they had a karaoke  it was time for team 2.

Team 2 movie was about dinosaurs, very big dinosaurs. It was super funny because the biggest dinosaur was vs the littlest dinosaur. Guess who one the fight? The Littlest dinosaur, can you believe it. Time for team 3 and 4

Team 3 and 4 production was becoming dinosaurs. So they made up their own dinosaurs masks. It was very funny, then they made a movie of them dancing in the bush that's weird. Who dances in the bushes?. Time for the last and best productions.

It was team 5. our one was about, Survivors they were from different countries and islands. First they had to eat a plate of noodles. The first one to finish there noodles was the lady from Asia, She was safe to the next round.