Thursday, 28 May 2015

What Technology Means To Me?

What Technology Means To Me?

When I walk around my house and I wondered what technology was. So the next day I went to school I asked my teacher, what is technology, and she said. Well technology is what you use to cook your food with like a stove or the oven. So I named some technology we used at my house like Television, lights,Remote control,Computer,Projector, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Cars, And a wheel.

In WW1 They used guns, big ships and airplanes that shoot booms out of the sky. In Gallipoli Anzacs fought for our country, If you're wondering what Anzac means it means. It means Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Back In the the odd years, like BC years they did not use technology, technology wasn't invented . In our days now we use technology to help make our lives easier.

Technology can be lots of things like toys that can be controlled to a wheels or button so they come in all shapes and sizes. Technology has advanced rapidly through the twentieth century.    

About The People Who Went To War.

Many books have been written about the battles
of Gallipoli; the men who went to war and what
they faced, the letters, and the tears of those left
behind. But this is a book about Gallipoli, the place,
and what happened on Gallipoli Beach from April
- December 1915. With beautiful and painterly
illustrations by Bruce Whatley this is a book that
explores the beach where the battles took place. In
focusing on the actual place of war, the book will
also examine many other aspects of WW1, from the
soldiers and the conditions they fought in, to the
civilians at home. This is more than a book about
ANZACS; this is a book about Gallipoli and for all of
the nationalities who fought at that cove, no matter
what side they were on.


Late at night State Of Origin started and everyone was there to support them. My favorite team is QLD they won the game, QLD:11  NSW:10. It was an awesome game, it was so unbelievable QLD always wins phew I thought for a minute the NSW was going to win, lucky QLD won. I  just can't believe it that QLD won. It’s like Qld wins the game and NSW wins the fights.

Can't tell you how much fun that was! Love experimenting with new technology. The live streaming outside the ground before kick-off has lots of potential and we'll be doing more of that in Melbourne. Thanks for tolerating the glitches, such as no sound on the replays. To me, Queensland has one hand on the trophy. Daly Cherry Evans will come back into their side, Paul Gallen to NSW's line-up. OK, hot off the presses, some audio I recorded a short time ago in the Maroons sheds with assistant coach Michael Hagan! It's kind of a tactical debrief and Hages has some really interesting stuff to say. This is also the 75th episode of White Line Fever - good night!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mr Burt Talking To Us And Showing The Technology They Used.

Right after lunch the yr 7&8 block all went in to the street, because Mr Burt came to talk to us about the Ww1. Then he showed us the technology they used in the war, and these are the technology. Image result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 shipsImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 shipsImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 technologyImage result for ww1 gunsImage result for ww1 guns

Why School Is Important.

Imagine a world without schools and colleges! Impossible, right? No matter how much we hate waking up early for school or studying all night for those tests and exams, we all know that education is very important. Now, I am not saying that an uneducated man has no chance of being successful or an educated boy will surely do well in life.  Exceptions are always there. However most of us will agree.

That an educated person gets better opportunities in life. It is easier for him to become successful and realize his dreams as compared to someone who is uneducated. Other than success and economic prosperity, there are various other reasons why education is almost necessity in today’s world.

Superstitions are baseless, useless and may affect your life negatively. Illiterate and uneducated people often tend to hold certain superstitious beliefs.  Education and awareness are the best ways to combat superstitions and replace such beliefs with reason and logic.

We live in an ever changing world. New technologies keep coming up and if you don’t want to be left behind, you must keep up with the world which is moving really fast. Without education it will be really difficult for you to get use to all these changes. An educated person is much more aware of the latest technologies and all the changes that are taking place in the world. For example, an uneducated person may not know about the benefits of the internet whereas an educated person uses this gift of technology regularly for work as well as for entertainment.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf.

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. That wanted to be grown ups so they said goodbye to the mother and father.And of they went walking to the woods and they saw something running between the trees it was grey and it had yellow eyes it had sharp teeth and it looked hungry.So the three littel pigs ran down to a place were it’s nice and sunny.

Then the three little pigs found their spot. One little pig was lazy  he made his house out of hay. When he was finished he went for a sleep when he was about to close his eyes he heard something it  sounded like footsteps. It was the big bad wolf and he said ‘’Come out my child’’ and the little pig looked out of his window and said’’ I do not know you  and I am not your child ‘’ the little pig said.

‘’When the big bad wolf took a big breath’ he huffed and he puffed and blew the house down’’ then the little pig ran to the second pig and went to his house and started to go sleep and it was prickly he said and pig said because I made my house out of sticks.And then the 2 little pigs were scared of the big bad wolf and then the ‘’wolf said come out come out before I blow your your house down’’ so the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down’’ and the 2 little pigs ran to the 3erd pigs house.

‘’Then  the big bad wolf huffed  and puffed and did not blow the house down’’ and the bad wolf felt dizzy and he got knocked out because he went out of breath’’.And the three little pigs all went to sleep.

Image result for three little pigs and the big bad wolfAnd then when the big bad wolf woke up of the ground he decided to claim the chimney’’. And  one pig woke up and put a fire on and a big boiling pot of water on the fire and went back to sleep. And the big bad wolf claims down the chimney he slipped and fell into the boiling pot of water OUCH!!! and started to cook.And when the three little pigs woke up they had a big feed.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Poppy Day.

This is an Anzac poppy, on poppy day every one wears an poppy to show our love to the Anzacs peope who fought in WW1.

Image result for anzacs poppy

Why It's Important To Have Class Rules?

If there were no rules in classes, there will be chaos and violence. People will be doing drugs, booze and stealing cash and be addicted to drugs. The school will be upside down and all the kids will start fights and start trouble. That’s why there’s rules at school so kids like us can get an education. Students who follow the rules might get a scholarship to go to University.

People will be doing graffiting around the school and smashing windows and there will be violent towards the teachers. Teachers will be hurting the children which is called child abuse. That’s what makes chaos and mayhem. Then the school will become an abandoned school.

There will be no more teachers no more students and more mayhem or chaos. The school would look gross with all the graffiti around the school and rubbish all over the grounds. Teachers will get locked up for child abuse.

But if there was no fighting there will be peace. If there were no swear words there will be no mayhem and chaos and other bad stuff like doing drugs and running away from school. The school will have justice and people will have faith in themselves. So thats why there’s rules at school so kids have a chance to go to University and get himself or herself a job. They might have kids that will follow in their footsteps.

WW1 Facts .

Monday, 4 May 2015

Alphabet Multiplication

Letter To Gustav Guttenbeil.

NAME __Olaf Khalifa____________________
ADDRESS_43 Ramsam Ave_____________________
POSTCODE _2403_____________________

DATE __2015 May 4____________________

Dear Gustav Guttenbeil

This is general Olaf

and my army is disgusing about if you should go back to Tonga or fight for our country. My army and I think you should go back to Tonga because you are part German, and the government does not want you to fight for our country so you are free to go.

You are very lucky to not go to war and die for our country so we thought that we should just let you go. But the agreement was not easy to discus weather you should go to war or not. So you can live a happy life with your family. GOOD LUCK.

                           FROM   AGENT   OLAF   KHALIFA.