Monday, 8 December 2014

Future Aspirations.

1.Future Aspirations

2.Guest speakers


4. Paula


6.To Miharo hoki

The year 7 and 8s were listening to some speakers about their lives. They were there to talk to us about staying in school to get a good education.

Anthony Samuels was the first one who spoke to the whole year 7 and 8 team. He told all of us that he use to be in 'What Now' which is a TV show. Back in the 80’s it used to come on every Sunday. Then after he he said you are amazing in Maori, which is 'to miharo hoki' in Maori. Then we watched a quick clip about these famous people who got put down by others before they became famous.

Then the next person was Paula he was telling us about his life how he almost died. In swimming when got tired at swimming he started to use his feet and that’s how he use to cheat. He said when he drowned in a competition his friends was getting smart to him. He tried to touch the ground but he was too small the water was too deep to walk.

The lucky last person. Her name was Amelia. She was telling us about her fashion. When she made clothes they looked so amazing she never thought that she would be good at sewing and when she was in a lower class. All her class friend’s said to Amelia I'm going to bet you're not going to be brainy enough to go university but she was still believing her self. “You can't get past me” said Amelia. She became what she wanted to be a clothes fashion person.