Monday, 25 November 2013

Hiwarau And Bailee adding sentences.

Adding Detail To Sentences

A complex sentence has more than one clause. It has added detail giving the reader more information. It adds interest and makes writing JUICY.

You can add to the
of simple sentences.

At Kawau Island for our activity Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course.

I was nervous about sailing on camp because I thou-rt I was going to tip over.

We went to the abseiling course

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hiwarau Heard A Whisper.

Once upon a time in a deep dark forest I could hear a little girl she was crying she needed help. So I tried to track her voice and fine her so I started to run because I could hear it close to me. Out of no wear a it was nothing.

So I ran back to my hut and I saw something run pass and a little laugh. TRY AND CATCH ME!!! I was scared so I went to sleep. Then I could see a shadow looking straight and me it had red eyes.

So I ran out the door and stayed out of the house and I started to cry. I was scared but when I heard a nother sound that said my name I tried to tell her to go away but she said my name again HIWARAU COME AND PLAY WITH MEEE!!!!

NOOO!!! I will not play with you go away please then after that she said OK so I went back inside. And I woke up it was just a dream then I heard A sound but it was just the little mouse and a cat.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Accident

Once a pone a time there was a boy riding a four wheeler it tipped over him and then he stated to cry. He was in so much pain he could not feel his legs his elder brother called the ambulance and they came but they could not push it off him so the don it again. 1,2,3, push and then the four wheeler came of him.

And he was rushed to hospital and they said you got to stop showing off. After that he had a cast on his leg he had to limp to go to the toilet and the nurse gave him a wheel chair.

A cupel of days later he went home he was happy to go home but he still had that cast his mum and his family were happy so they had a party. At his farm so after that they all were sleepy so they all went to bed.

The next day they woke up and milked the cows and feed the pigs and this time he toke a ride  on the four wheeler and he did not full over he just called his dog and his dog and the boy was chasing the sheep in to the shearing shed to get sheared.