Friday, 28 February 2014

Thank You Letter.

Dear Parents

Thank you for helping us out at the picnic. If we didn’t have any adults coming, Class two wouldn’t have gone to the picnic. It would of been sad if we didn’t have any parents.

Every year our whole school goes to assembly. This year all of our house captains performed. Then we all say a karakia. Then we went to Pt England beach to have our picnic.

At the picnic everyone was having fun. The teachers were keeping an eye on the children. When the kids were in the water the adults and teachers were supervising the kids and the kids were having fun.

When Ms Telea said it was the year 7 and 8 turn to go for a swim so we jumped and bombed in the water. Everyone jumped of the big rock. Everyone was excited because the water was nice and cold and  we all had fun.

Thank you from Hiwarau.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Hip Hop Dance And Samoan Dance

On Friday in assembly we all sang the national anthem. After that we did the Duffy awards. Next the hip hop crew was dancing. Everybody was excited. This time it was four Samoan ladies they were dancing and they were teaching us a little dance move.

Then Mr Burt was talking. Then it was time for the new little kids to get the book bags and Mr Burt welcomed them to our school.

Then Mr Burt told the house captain to come up to the stage and told the ambassador to come up to the stage to. And told them introduce their self and told the to say there name.

When everybody was about to sleep the assembly was finished everybody was lazy and tired they all went back to their classes and most of them was about to go sleep.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hiwarau Holiday

In the holidays I slept over my big brothers house. I stayed there and played on Facebook. And then I had to go to my nanas house and wait for my mum and dad. after 3 hours my mum and dad bought fish and chips then we went home and ate the fish and chips  and watched a movie.

Then my brother came home he took me to GlennIness to go to the Internet Cafe to go on Facebook. On Saturday we went to Pt England beach lo of people came to watch Wreck It Ralph.