Thursday, 23 July 2015

How Do People Receive And Spend Money

When people work they get paid every hour or they get paid every fortnight. People who get paid every hour or get paid every fortnight, That is called wages and people who get paid every fortnight that is called salary. Sometimes when my dad works he gets paid every hour. He starts work at 10am and finishes at 8pm. So my dad works for ten hours. Then my dad gets paid, and buys food, and pays for the bills and the power.

Sometimes when he finishes work he gives me twenty dollars a week. and I spend it on junk food and sometimes I spend my money at the internet cafe. Then when I get home I get angry because I spent all of my money so fast in one day. So I ask my dad for some more money but he was already gone to work. So I asked my mum but she said no.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Thinkboard Master

A New Start For The School

Yesterday the whole school went into the hall because it was a new term for the whole school.Once they all got into the hall the principal Mr Burt was an auctioning man. He was selling rugby balls and chocolate, basket balls and other things. Some of the teachers were giving out fake money to the students of Pt England school. But only if they were good. When the students got their money, They went up too buy some stuff .

After that we all settled down because all the teachers were going to perform. First performance was team 1. Their performance was buying some food and fruits it was on a video. When the video was finished the teacher that were on the video stood up and started to through some lollies to the students.

When they were finished, It was time for team 2. Their performance was dancing and giving away free chocolate ice creams, But only if they get the answers right. When they were done team 3 went up. They were dressed up as a surgeon, Firemen, and one cow lady that was funny. After that it was time for team 4.

They were funny because this boy named Bob, He wanted to buy black ops 3. But he had no money to buy the game he wanted. So he asked this man if he could mow his lawn for 25 dollars. When Bob was finished he did not get all his money because the man only gave him 10 bucks. So he was sad he did not get all his money so he went to Mcdonalds with his friend.  There names were, extra happy, Sassy, Calm.

They were trying to act like the characters of Inside Out. It’s a movie, When it was time for the last performance everybody laughed Because Mr Barks dressed up as a lady. Mr Wiseman was mr barks husban. Some people came in a work truck, on the side of the truck, It said The Good Guys.

When they came Mr and Mrs Wiseman wanted some stuff and so Mr Wiseman picked up a jacket and put the jacket on, Then the good guys said that you don’t have to pay now. But the jacket was $50 bucks Mr Wiseman Wanted to buy it until they put up the price so he took off the jacket and told the good guys, To go away.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Letter To The Principal.

Dear Mr Burt   

My name is Hiwarau Hohaia - Scanlan and I am a student at Pt England school. Do I have permission to make a coat and bag hanger with a shoe cabinet for the yr 7&8 blocks to use instead of using our chairs to hand our stuff on and leaving our shoes out side.

So me and my friends have decided to ask you for permission to make our project for the yr 7&8 block to use. So what do you think we should build, should we build a coat and bag hanger with a shoe cabinet for the yr 7&8. Or build something else. My team mates names are Brandon, Leka and christopher.

I think we should have a coat and bag hanger with a shoe cabinet for the yr 7&8. I think that it could be useful t

o use for when you coming school and leaving school. So Mr Burt what do you think we should do, Do you agree with our assignment, or disagree. It’s all right if you disagree with our project we could make something that you like   

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Thinkboard Master

School Agreement

I disagree because we want to have lunch and play time when it’s school time. Because if we did not have morning tea time or lunch time i recon the student at Pt England school will get bored. When they're bored they do nothing for the rest of the day, So thats why we should have luch time morning tea time. It’s good to get some exercise, And play around with your friends and the kids to eat there lunch.

If the students did not get lunch for whole day of school, They would get headaches because kids need to eat to give themselves energy, so they can play, work and study. So that is why I disagree about the argue because if agree with the argument I would be to lazy and too tired to talk and walk because I don’t have food in my stomach.

When kids don’t eat they get lazy and tired and they start to get frustrated because they haven't eaten for 6 and a half hours. That’s how long we have to study in school. If the whole school agreed with the argument they would have to study for whole day until school finishes, and thats at 3:00 pm and school starts in the morning at 8:30 am.