Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Stuck Cow Named Liku!!!

              The Stuck Cow Named Liku!!!

Once upon a time there was a cow named Liku he was looking for fresh grass to eat. So he went away from the other cows. And went freezing down the icy grass and slept and fell under the ice and got stuck.

Liku was unconscious and almost fell to sleep and  he was cold and his hooves. Started to get rheumatics and was going to sleep. And then all of a sudden the cow herd the farm dog bark and the farmer ran to Liku and was rubbing. The cow to keep him warm.

The farmer and the dog went to get the tractor and put A rope around Liku and started to pull the cow out but liku was to heavy. So the farmer pulled him with all the power the tractor had and he pulled the cow out and put the warm towel and dried the cow.

So after that the farmer put Liku in the barn. the other cows were asleep and Liku was the only one up so Liku just ate the grass and drinked milk. The he was tired so Liku went to walk to his side of the barn and went to sleep.

Ariata’s Big Day!!!!

                             Ariata’s Big Day!!!!

On a spring sunny day Aritah’s fleece is hot and she is eating grass. Aritah and her friends and all the other sheep are hot because of all their heavy big fleece to keep them warm in winter.

So the sheep dog barks at the sheep to scare them because they think they got the
power.the sheep were chased and scared  so the sheep ran away

So when the dogs chased the sheep all the way to the shed they all had to wait. And then the sheep dog jumps on the sheep and starts again to bark at all the other sheep and Aritah was scared of the sheepdogs.

When it was Arita's turn to get shorn she  was terrified She was kicking yelling she was crying h and the man flipped her on her back sheared her. She had cold feet because she was scared she tried to run away but he was manhandling Aritah lucky they were finished then aritah was happy.