Friday, 20 September 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs goat and her seven little kids.

1.Intro - Once upon a time.

2.Wolfs 1st visit - voice.

3.wolfs 2nd visit - paw.

4. wolfs 3rd visit - tail.

5.wolf 4th visit - he ate them. came - hoffed him on the bottom.

Once upon a time there were seven little kids. The 7 little kids stayed home and the mum went to pak n save to buy some milk and ice cream.And the mother said to them do not let the big fat wolf and and the little 7 kids said okay mom we won't let him in so the mom went to pak n save and this deep voice said let me in it’s me your mother the wolf cried let me in and the 7 kids said is it really you yes yes let me in so the little 7 kids said let me see your tail so he put in tail in the door mail and the 7 kids said it’s not mom so 1 little kid grabbed his hama and whacked the tail of the wolf.

So the big bad wolf went to the painting room and said teach me to have the mother goats tail or als i will bite your head of so the big bad wolf got what he wanted and went back and said let me  in and the 7 kids said let me see your tail and he let him look at his tail and that looks like mom tail.

And the 7 kids said let me look at your hand and they looked at his hand and they said it’s not mom his hairy so they bit his hand OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!! The wolf cried and said when I get you I am going to eat you little 7 kids.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hiwarau's cross country.

Cross Country Run - Writing Plan

What is the message I want to give my audience?
What do I want them to know or think about my cross country?
That when I started to run my throat was starting to get dry but I still wanted to run and I cames 5th.
Who is my audience?
My school and usain bolt.
Paragraph plan.
What are the topics I’m going to write about?
1.mud paddles.
2.runs so so fast like usain bolt.
What are some words, special vocabulary I can use to make my message clear?
fit and ready
trained hard
heart pounding
waiting nervously  

What does my introduction need to do?
I had a stitch on the side of my hips.

Cross Country Run  - writing

My Introduction
I was so nervous I had butterflies in my little tummy and after all these training I have been starting and I was shaking with fear. And finally the day has came for cross country.

Paragraph about: 1.mud puddles.
When the race was over I was so tired but lucky I didn't wear my shoes or als my shoes will get stuck in the mud. I was so exhausted that the race was over. And when I looked at the back of my pants the were soggy and muddy and wet.

Paragraph about .runs so so fast like usain bolt.:
When I ran so fast like usain bolt lots and lots of mud went all over on me.I just couldn't wait to  it was finish. We had to run all over the mud it was annoying because my feet was going in the mud.