Monday, 14 April 2014

Hiwarau Term 1 Reflection 2014

Term 1 Reflection 2014

My highlights this term would have to be my empathy movie, Fia Fia, and sport and Tech at Tamaki College.

I have made improvements/progress in……. Math

I know this because….  I know Im good at math because I keep learning. I have learnt some new strategies. I have been trying to get my maths work done.

I still need to work hard to improve my… Reading

I know this because… I'm not good at reading because it might have hard some words to sound out. Reading is good for me but I don’t read enough.

I am most proud of my efforts to work hard at maths.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be...
1. Reading  - improve my reading age
2. Writing - get better at proofreading and editing my work
3. Inquiry - how to understand what I am learning about

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fia Fia.

               Fia Fia.

Yesterday at Pt England School it was Fia Fia. Fia Fia means when some of the Cultural groups perform.That’s what we did at Pt England School. At 6:00pm the student at Pt England School got ready.

On Fia Fia night, I was in Hip Hop. I like hip hop because its fantastic and it’s good for fitness. When it was the Maori group to perform they were pretty good at dancing. After the Maori group it was the Bollywood group that danced. They were wearing nice dresses.

Finally it was the Hip Hop turn to dance. We were dancing to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. It was fun and I was having fun dancing in front of people. When we got off the stage it was the Tongan girls dance they had lots of girls in the group. There were so many performances

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hiwarau Story Of A Boy.

Once upon a time there was a creepy scary boy who lived in a haunted house. He died in his own house and he was the spirit who keeps his house safe. Who ever walked past his house must die.

When this man walked across his house he came so quick and dragged him in the house, the man was  yelling as loud as he could, HELP,HELP. But no one would hear him. All the man could  see was a boy who was a ghost. His house was a mental hospital.

The boy had something in him and he thought it was the devil. In 1988 when he was a normal kid he went to the park to play and suddenly he saw something.

It quickly went in him and he started to feel like he was going to faint so he ran home and told his family that something was wrong but the didn't believe him.

So the next day early in the morning he killed his family.when the mentalist person came to check him and take him to mental hospital.

Finally when they got there he was checked by an expert he was and exorcism man who checks if the devil is in him and he was.
the boy was scared.

The next day the boy got angry and started to attack his cell mate. He was laughing and after that the guards put him in a cell by himself.

When he was in his cell he still had the knife in his hand he started to stab himself. All of a sudden the guards grabbed him out so he would stop stabbing himself.

But he just wanted to have their attention. He tried to escape but the alarm went off and there were too many guards after him. So he still tried to escape but he couldn't.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Movie In The Park.

On Friday and Saturday at Pt. England Reserve we got to watch movies in the park. On Friday we watched “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2”.

When I went to see the movie I saw Isaaka, Zion, Semi, Antonio, Isaiah, Lukis, and my cousins. My nan and my uncle went to watch the movie. I went to go and play with Isaaka and Semi.

I was playing with my water gun and we kept on wetting people.  Zion was playing with Lukis on the swings. It was fun because   Isaaka and I were wetting people.

My favourite part that I liked about the movie was seeing the dogs made out of food.I also liked seeing the mother pick up her pups so they would stop fighting and getting hurt. After my nan and I walked back home.