Friday, 18 September 2015

Hi this game is called It is a very fun game to play. Everyone around the world play's It's about eating all the mass and trying to get big and eat other people. I was coming first on It's a very fun game for kids. But you have to be a pro to come first, These are the pictures of me coming first

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Para Para Detectives.

Today my group and I was reading a Article called 'The Parapara Detectives'. they are detectives because they were looking for clues. They are looking for clues because, the parapara tree is sticking to birds that are flying. The Detectives found a dead piwakawaka in a Para para trees. Then the next day they found another bird stuck in a Para para tree. One was dead but the other bird wasn't dead.

It was injured, So the detectives took the fantail to the vet, The vet is the people who help animals that need help. The Detectives buried the other two birds. They were very sad too see birds who are being killed Just from a tree. So they took all the dangerous trees away so no more birds will be killed. The Detectives are very good at looking for clues. There names where Dillon, Bo, Rebecca and James.