Monday, 12 August 2013

Hiwarau speech Marks practise 1.

WALT - use speech marks to show direct speaking.

Fill in the Speech Marks:

”Good morning,” said the check-out lady. “Do you have your Fly Buys card?”

Joe had a really sore tummy.”I can’t go to school,’’ he groaned.

’’ I don't think so’ replied James.

‘’Yes Bob replied. ‘’That's what I'm going to do.’’

‘’Is that what you were after?’’ asked Sally.

’’ Hello, said Tony.

’’ I want the ball’’ yelled Bill to all the other players.

‘’What’s the time’’ asked Mark.’’ It’s 9 o’clock replied

‘’ It isn't fair! he complained bitterly. ‘’I always have to wash the dishes.’’

‘’Oh no! cried Jake.’’ I don't want to go swimming!’’

‘’What do you want to do when you grow up’’ said John.
‘’I don’t know replied Dan ‘’I might be a pilot.’’

‘’I watched carefully as the teacher did the example’’. Now have a go at doing it yourself’’ she said. ‘’I still wasn’t sure so I asked her to go ‘’through it again.’’

 ‘’What are your hobbies asked Jill.’’
Well said Jack ‘’I like collecting model cars.’’
‘’How du’’ll laughed Jill. Jack sulked and wouldn’t speak to ‘’Jill for the rest of the day’’

‘’I am tired’’ the boy said and then drifted off to sleep.’’

Friday, 9 August 2013

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hiwarau three little pig

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. That wanted to be grown ups so they said goodbye to the mother and father.And of they went walking to the woods and they saw something running between the trees it was grey and it had yellow eyes it had sharp teeth and it looked hungry.So the three littel pigs ran down to a place were it’s nice and sunny.

Then the three little pigs found their spot. One little pig was lazy  he made his house out of hay. When he was finished he went for a sleep when he was about to close his eyes he heard something it  sounded like footsteps. It was the big bad wolf and he said ‘’Come out my child’’ and the little pig looked out of his window and said’’ I do not know you  and I am not your child ‘’ the little pig said.

‘’When the big bad wolf took a big breath’ he huffed and he puffed and blew the house down’’ then the little pig ran to the second pig and went to his house and started to go sleep and it was prickly he said and pig said because I made my house out of sticks.And then the 2 little pigs were scared of the big bad wolf and then the ‘’wolf said come out come out before I blow your your house down’’ so the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down’’ and the 2 little pigs ran to the 3erd pigs house.

‘’Then  the big bad wolf huffed  and puffed and did not blow the house down’’ and the bad wolf felt dizzy and he got knocked out because he went out of breath’’.And the three little pigs all went to sleep.

And then when the big bad wolf woke up of the ground he decided to claim the chimney’’. And  one pig woke up and put a fire on and a big boiling pot of water on the fire and went back to sleep. And the big bad wolf claims down the chimney he slipped and fell into the boiling pot of water OUCH!!! and started to cook.And when the three little pigs woke up they had a big feed.