Friday, 5 June 2015

People Who Went To War

People who went to Gallipoli are the men who went to war and what they went against, the letters, and the tears of those left behind. But this is a book about Gallipoli, the place, and what happened on Gallipoli Beach from April - December 1915. With beautiful and painterly illustrations by Bruce Whatley this is a book that explores the beach where the battles took place. Im focusing on the actual place of war, the book will also examine many other aspects of WW1, from the soldiers and the conditions they fought in, to the civilians at home. This is more than a book about ANZACS; this is a book about Gallipoli and for all of the nationalities who fought at that cove, no matter what side they were on.

World War 1 Time Line.

My Poetry Afakasi.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


nyctophobiaScreenshot 2014-08-13 at 09.31.12.png
Group: Jordan, Iisa, Nikita, Rave, Isaaka, Hiwarau, Eric, Kyal: as backup person. (HINJIRK)

Porscha, Asena, Josephine(Dangerous Divas)

Movie Name: The Note

Cast:               Editor: Iisa and Rave
Liam: Jordan            Director: Iisa  
Billy: Kyal                 
Makayla: Porscha
Olivia: Josephine
Sophia: Asena
Jackson: Hiwarau
Mr Baker: Eric
Class (Cameo)
Iisa: (Cameo)
Nikita: (Cameo)
Rave: (Cameo)

School uniform
lip gloss (shining)
red nail polish
hair out

Liam Hiwarau
Jumper with hood
School uniform

Jordan, Eric and Iisa
Black shorts
Red t-shirt

Part in the film fest:
Makayla sprints to the school bathroom. She flushes the note down the toilet.

Makayla turns around

Makayla: *Sigh*

As she is washing her hands she hears one of the toilets flushed. She knew that there is no-one there. Makayla was worried

Makayla: Who is there? Person hiding- POV

She turns around again facing the mirror and sees the next note on a sink

Makayla:Guess who’s watching you?


Hiwarau The Note Animation
Scene 1
Shots of outside class and students walking into class Wide shot

The Dangerous Divas are already sitting at their desk and eating chips. (looking glamorous, hair out, lip gloss shining, red nail polish etc)

Makayla: Hands in girls

The Dangerous Divas:GOOOOOO Divas. Sky view

Mr Baker: Can everyone please take a seat. We have a new student. His name is Liam, please make him feel welcome.  Far shot- at the back
Liam walks in and sits at the back of the class. Alone.

Olivia: Ewww! Look at him (whispering) Sophias shoulder

Sophia: I bet he’s got no friends  (whispering) Olivias shoulda
The Dangerous Divas laugh quietly looking at Liam

Olivia: He looks different. I wonder what’s wrong with him? (whispering) Sophias shoulda
The girls laugh quietly looking at Liam

Makayla: Watch this... ( flick a piece of paper at Liam) (whispering) Sophias shoulda  
The girls laugh quietly looking at Liam

Every time the teacher looks at the girls they stop

Screenshot 2014-08-13 at 09.38.08.png

Liam gets angry (close up shot of expression on his face) but doesn’t say anything.

Jackson: Liam are you okay? My name is Jackson. over shoulder shot (Liam’s shoulder)

Liam: I don’t care! (Liam gives Jackson the evil eye) Extremely close Up

Jackson: Okay then, your loss. Mid-shot

Jackson does his work

Sophia: I’m going to the green room. Give me those chips. Mid-shot

Screenshot 2014-08-13 at 09.27.36.png

The girls start fighting over The chips. Sophia manages to get the chips and walks to the green screen room, munching it like a slob.

Sneaking like a robber Sophia walks into the green room

Sophia walks to the window and starts making faces at the girls. Then she turns around

Sophia: Whats this? Side shot

Sophia reads the note while eating the chips like a pig and licking her fingers. Over the shoulder shot

The note: Lets play a little game called Who am I. I’m in your class and I don’t like you, Who am I ?.

Sophia(munching of the chips): Ahhhhhh! EFFECT- Transition

The JAP girls hear the scream

Olivia: Sophia! What’s wrong? Mid-shot

Olivia checks on her but she disappeared. All that was left was the note and a chips.

Olivia: What’s this? (looks at the chips and note) Face shot

Olivia scans the room, then quickly picks the chip off the ground and eats it. Birds eye view

Olivia: 5 second rule!

Then Makayla walked in

Makayla: I heard a scream! What happened? Olivia’s POV

Olivia: What, I didn’t eat a chips that was on the ground if thats what you were wondering...Side view

Makayla: No, why. Close up- face

Olivia: Sophia is gone and all that was left was this note! Over the shoulder- Makayla’s shoulder

Makayla: thats weird Over the shoulder- Olivia’s shoulder

The lunch-time bell rings. Hiwarau ANIMATION

Shot of the kids coming out of class

Olivia & Makayla are the last ones out and they began putting on their shoes

Olivia: How did Sophia disappear?  Be hide Makayla’s shoulda

Makayla: Hey, that rhymed! Be hide Olivia’s shoulda

Olivia: Yeah it did!  Be hide Makayla’s shoulda

The girls laugh

All of the class student left

Billy comes and takes the chips. Over the shoulder shot.

Billy: I have your chips what you gonna do now. Mid-Shot

Billy runs away

Makayla: Hey! Come back here, *Sigh*  I know he likes me, he just won't admit it. Will go get him Olivia! Full shot

Olivia: BILLY! Far away shot

Makayla: Boys are dumb Ground shot

Olivia runs after Billy Far away shot

Olivia: Come back here! Close up

Olivia stops at the entrance to the street Ground shot

Olivia: *Puffing* Billy why are you so fast.Mid-shot

The 2nd note floats down onto her. Olivia picks it up and tries to reads it

Olivia: What’s this? *Reads the note* Clue number two, I sit alone and I seek revenge, who am I? Over shoulder shot

Olivia: Ahhhh!!!! Close up- face. EFFECT- Transition

Makayla found the note Olivia found.

She sprints to the school bathroom. She flushes it down the toilet.

Makayla turns around

Makayla: *Sigh*

As she is washing her hands she hears one of the toilets flushed. She knew that there is no-one there. Makayla was worried

Makayla: Who is there? Person hiding- POV

She turns around again facing the mirror and sees the next note on the sink

Makayla:Clue number three. my face is always covered and you mocked me this morning, who am i?

Makayla: It’s Liam!! Close up

She looks up into the mirror in front of her and sees Liam standing there
Makayla: AHHHHHH! EFFECT- Transition

Jordan on his netbook. Jordan close his netbook lid and says
Liam: The moral of the story is be kind to others. That includes losers. EFFECT- Transition

THE END & Credit Roll!