Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The day things started disappearing.

My face disappeared when i got to school I tried to look for my face but it disappeared.
And when i tried to  look for it i fell on something hard and pointy.That hearted when my face disappeared.

This is what I wrote for my writing sample. This week I am going to edit it and make it a whole lot better.

I could not speak or talk or see because i had no face. After that i tried to go down this long steeps then i fell and i started to roll down the steeps i started to cry. then lady put a plaster
on my leg. And then she said where's your head and then i said i lost my head when went to school and she ran away.

and then when i got my head back i lost my legs. i was getting angry because lost my head then i got my head i lost my legs and thats why i was angry so icould not and what did i do i started to crawl on the grand it was saw then i crawled on the grass.

When i got my legs back my body disappeared and my legs were stuck on my head and it was saw because i could not breath properly. it was funny because i was walking funny.
and it was funny because i had no body.

After that i lost my whole body i was alive but i just invisible.I was like a ghost but not dead
no one could see me case they were invisible even the earth was in invisible even the that gave me a pluster for my leg was in invisible.