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Hiwarau And Bailee adding sentences.

Adding Detail To Sentences

A complex sentence has more than one clause. It has added detail giving the reader more information. It adds interest and makes writing JUICY.

You can add to the
of simple sentences.

At Kawau Island for our activity Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course.

I was nervous about sailing on camp because I thou-rt I was going to tip over.

We went to the abseiling course

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Hiwarau Heard A Whisper.

Once upon a time in a deep dark forest I could hear a little girl she was crying she needed help. So I tried to track her voice and fine her so I started to run because I could hear it close to me. Out of no wear a it was nothing.

So I ran back to my hut and I saw something run pass and a little laugh. TRY AND CATCH ME!!! I was scared so I went to sleep. Then I could see a shadow looking straight and me it had red eyes.

So I ran out the door and stayed out of the house and I started to cry. I was scared but when I heard a nother sound that said my name I tried to tell her to go away but she said my name again HIWARAU COME AND PLAY WITH MEEE!!!!

NOOO!!! I will not play with you go away please then after that she said OK so I went back inside. And I woke up it was just a dream then I heard A sound but it was just the little mouse and a cat.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Accident

Once a pone a time there was a boy riding a four wheeler it tipped over him and then he stated to cry. He was in so much pain he could not feel his legs his elder brother called the ambulance and they came but they could not push it off him so the don it again. 1,2,3, push and then the four wheeler came of him.

And he was rushed to hospital and they said you got to stop showing off. After that he had a cast on his leg he had to limp to go to the toilet and the nurse gave him a wheel chair.

A cupel of days later he went home he was happy to go home but he still had that cast his mum and his family were happy so they had a party. At his farm so after that they all were sleepy so they all went to bed.

The next day they woke up and milked the cows and feed the pigs and this time he toke a ride  on the four wheeler and he did not full over he just called his dog and his dog and the boy was chasing the sheep in to the shearing shed to get sheared.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Stuck Cow Named Liku!!!

              The Stuck Cow Named Liku!!!

Once upon a time there was a cow named Liku he was looking for fresh grass to eat. So he went away from the other cows. And went freezing down the icy grass and slept and fell under the ice and got stuck.

Liku was unconscious and almost fell to sleep and  he was cold and his hooves. Started to get rheumatics and was going to sleep. And then all of a sudden the cow herd the farm dog bark and the farmer ran to Liku and was rubbing. The cow to keep him warm.

The farmer and the dog went to get the tractor and put A rope around Liku and started to pull the cow out but liku was to heavy. So the farmer pulled him with all the power the tractor had and he pulled the cow out and put the warm towel and dried the cow.

So after that the farmer put Liku in the barn. the other cows were asleep and Liku was the only one up so Liku just ate the grass and drinked milk. The he was tired so Liku went to walk to his side of the barn and went to sleep.

Ariata’s Big Day!!!!

                             Ariata’s Big Day!!!!

On a spring sunny day Aritah’s fleece is hot and she is eating grass. Aritah and her friends and all the other sheep are hot because of all their heavy big fleece to keep them warm in winter.

So the sheep dog barks at the sheep to scare them because they think they got the
power.the sheep were chased and scared  so the sheep ran away

So when the dogs chased the sheep all the way to the shed they all had to wait. And then the sheep dog jumps on the sheep and starts again to bark at all the other sheep and Aritah was scared of the sheepdogs.

When it was Arita's turn to get shorn she  was terrified She was kicking yelling she was crying h and the man flipped her on her back sheared her. She had cold feet because she was scared she tried to run away but he was manhandling Aritah lucky they were finished then aritah was happy.

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Mrs goat and her seven little kids.

1.Intro - Once upon a time.

2.Wolfs 1st visit - voice.

3.wolfs 2nd visit - paw.

4. wolfs 3rd visit - tail.

5.wolf 4th visit - he ate them. came - hoffed him on the bottom.

Once upon a time there were seven little kids. The 7 little kids stayed home and the mum went to pak n save to buy some milk and ice cream.And the mother said to them do not let the big fat wolf and and the little 7 kids said okay mom we won't let him in so the mom went to pak n save and this deep voice said let me in it’s me your mother the wolf cried let me in and the 7 kids said is it really you yes yes let me in so the little 7 kids said let me see your tail so he put in tail in the door mail and the 7 kids said it’s not mom so 1 little kid grabbed his hama and whacked the tail of the wolf.

So the big bad wolf went to the painting room and said teach me to have the mother goats tail or als i will bite your head of so the big bad wolf got what he wanted and went back and said let me  in and the 7 kids said let me see your tail and he let him look at his tail and that looks like mom tail.

And the 7 kids said let me look at your hand and they looked at his hand and they said it’s not mom his hairy so they bit his hand OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!! The wolf cried and said when I get you I am going to eat you little 7 kids.

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Hiwarau's cross country.

Cross Country Run - Writing Plan

What is the message I want to give my audience?
What do I want them to know or think about my cross country?
That when I started to run my throat was starting to get dry but I still wanted to run and I cames 5th.
Who is my audience?
My school and usain bolt.
Paragraph plan.
What are the topics I’m going to write about?
1.mud paddles.
2.runs so so fast like usain bolt.
What are some words, special vocabulary I can use to make my message clear?
fit and ready
trained hard
heart pounding
waiting nervously  

What does my introduction need to do?
I had a stitch on the side of my hips.

Cross Country Run  - writing

My Introduction
I was so nervous I had butterflies in my little tummy and after all these training I have been starting and I was shaking with fear. And finally the day has came for cross country.

Paragraph about: 1.mud puddles.
When the race was over I was so tired but lucky I didn't wear my shoes or als my shoes will get stuck in the mud. I was so exhausted that the race was over. And when I looked at the back of my pants the were soggy and muddy and wet.

Paragraph about .runs so so fast like usain bolt.:
When I ran so fast like usain bolt lots and lots of mud went all over on me.I just couldn't wait to  it was finish. We had to run all over the mud it was annoying because my feet was going in the mud.  

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Hiwarau speech Marks practise 1.

WALT - use speech marks to show direct speaking.

Fill in the Speech Marks:

”Good morning,” said the check-out lady. “Do you have your Fly Buys card?”

Joe had a really sore tummy.”I can’t go to school,’’ he groaned.

’’ I don't think so’ replied James.

‘’Yes Bob replied. ‘’That's what I'm going to do.’’

‘’Is that what you were after?’’ asked Sally.

’’ Hello, said Tony.

’’ I want the ball’’ yelled Bill to all the other players.

‘’What’s the time’’ asked Mark.’’ It’s 9 o’clock replied

‘’ It isn't fair! he complained bitterly. ‘’I always have to wash the dishes.’’

‘’Oh no! cried Jake.’’ I don't want to go swimming!’’

‘’What do you want to do when you grow up’’ said John.
‘’I don’t know replied Dan ‘’I might be a pilot.’’

‘’I watched carefully as the teacher did the example’’. Now have a go at doing it yourself’’ she said. ‘’I still wasn’t sure so I asked her to go ‘’through it again.’’

 ‘’What are your hobbies asked Jill.’’
Well said Jack ‘’I like collecting model cars.’’
‘’How du’’ll laughed Jill. Jack sulked and wouldn’t speak to ‘’Jill for the rest of the day’’

‘’I am tired’’ the boy said and then drifted off to sleep.’’

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Hiwarau three little pig

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. That wanted to be grown ups so they said goodbye to the mother and father.And of they went walking to the woods and they saw something running between the trees it was grey and it had yellow eyes it had sharp teeth and it looked hungry.So the three littel pigs ran down to a place were it’s nice and sunny.

Then the three little pigs found their spot. One little pig was lazy  he made his house out of hay. When he was finished he went for a sleep when he was about to close his eyes he heard something it  sounded like footsteps. It was the big bad wolf and he said ‘’Come out my child’’ and the little pig looked out of his window and said’’ I do not know you  and I am not your child ‘’ the little pig said.

‘’When the big bad wolf took a big breath’ he huffed and he puffed and blew the house down’’ then the little pig ran to the second pig and went to his house and started to go sleep and it was prickly he said and pig said because I made my house out of sticks.And then the 2 little pigs were scared of the big bad wolf and then the ‘’wolf said come out come out before I blow your your house down’’ so the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down’’ and the 2 little pigs ran to the 3erd pigs house.

‘’Then  the big bad wolf huffed  and puffed and did not blow the house down’’ and the bad wolf felt dizzy and he got knocked out because he went out of breath’’.And the three little pigs all went to sleep.

And then when the big bad wolf woke up of the ground he decided to claim the chimney’’. And  one pig woke up and put a fire on and a big boiling pot of water on the fire and went back to sleep. And the big bad wolf claims down the chimney he slipped and fell into the boiling pot of water OUCH!!! and started to cook.And when the three little pigs woke up they had a big feed.

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Hiwarau sentence Mashup 2

WALT: Change the order of the words in sentences

1. Write the sentence in an order that makes sense. Remember punctuation.

2. Re-write the sentence with the same message but in a different order (you may need to change a word or two).

3. Highlight the text of your favourite version each time.

make / people / laugh / when they are sad/ I
When people are sad I make people laugh.
I make people laugh when people are sad.

play / I / a musical instrument / in the evening
In the evening I play a musical instrument.
I play a musical instrument in the evening.

shy / not / when I meet / new people / I am
When I meet new people I am not shy.
I am not shy when I meet new people.

my best friend / next to me / is sitting
My best friend is sitting next to me.
Next to me is my best friend.

standing / is / behind me / My teacher
My teacher is standing behind me.
Behind me is my teacher.

Solar system / the eighth planet / is / Neptune / in our
The eighth planet in Neptune is in our solar system.
Neptune is our eighth planet of our solar system.

to London / go / I / want to
I want to go to London.
London is where I want to go.

my favourite city / is / Auckland
My favourite city is Auckland.
Auckland is my favourite city.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hiwarau week over franks.

On Saturday and Sunday I was sleeping over Franks to help his mum bake some cupcakes and muffins,cakes. It was nice Franks mum is a good cooker when i grow up i want to be a chief like chief Ramsey and Franks mum.When the cakes and the cupcakes, and muffins were ready we started to put some icing on the cake and muffins and then put chocolate on the pancakes and the put chocolate on the cupcakes.

When we were ready to eat the cakes and the muffins and the cupcakes were finished putting the icing on the cakes and muffins and cupcakes it was ready to eat it was nice my taste buds were bursting with flavour in my mouth it was so nice i got full over two on sunday.We took some muffins to church it was Franks church after church we went back to Frank's place.

To get some swimming togs with his death brother Whiti we went to the we got ready in our togs and to jump in the pool and Frank’s brother Whiti jumped in the pool with his hat on.
When we got back to Frank’s house we had to help his mum out to do our dinner and dessert.

When dinner was ready everybody  went straight to the table to have their dinner dessert. We had to wash our hands and pray when we were finished praying. It was time to prey on our food and dessert then we watched some movies on the tv.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Adding detail to the end of sentence.

children had to stay inside at lunchtime because on Friday. It was cold and raining.

All the year 5 and 6 children have their own net-book. To help them learn.

The fields are muddy outside.Because it was the thunder the rain and hailstones.

Playtime is at that's when Pt England school kids can eat their lunch.

Learning my timetable is important. Because it’s to help me get brainy.

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                        Puting detail in the middel of the sentences
    Antarctic seals have thick layer of blubber,under their  skin,to help them survive from strong icy gales.

During winter the sun doesn't rise in Antarctica, it is always dark in winter and the temperature drops below zero.

Leopard seals prey on Antarctic penguins,for their diet and to survive.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Detail In Sentences

Mr Burt takes assemblies on Friday for Pt England school\

Mr Burt takes us to assemblies where we sing the national anthem on Friday.

Mr Burt takes us to assemblies for d Duffy certificates and sometimes shows, on Friday.

Lots of people are from a faraway places to come visit Auckland city in New Zealand.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Penguins surviving.


Penguins are birds that live in the Southern Oceans. Penguins don’t live in the North pole.
There are only polar bears in the North pole. In the southern ocean they live at the bottom of the world.

Penguins can’t fly. When  Penguins come ashore they take waddling steps on their short legs.

In winter the temperature drops fast.And there is a strong gayl.The sun does not rise.
did you  know there is no sun in winter? its just cold and windy.

In antarctica male emperor penguins can survive on freezing pack ice, where blizzards case the temperature to drops well below zero.

Emperor penguins have thick water proof coat on their skin.and feathers that overlap to keep them warm to and fluffy layers.

Friday, 10 May 2013 Donating 100,000 dollars at Pt England school.

On Thursday came to our School.He was talking to Pt England school about how he was living it felt

like hell to him .Like said to us dream hard and your wish will come true. donated to Pt England  100,000 dollars in a big cheek. Everyone was happy at him. When the assembly was finished He going in to classes he came in room 18.When he was going he stayed for a little while And ask Mrs burt if he wanted to go to a party with But Mrs Burt said no because Mrs Burt had to have diner with his mum.