Friday, 29 August 2014

Hiwarau(should children exercise every day?)

Now you need to structure your argument:

I think children should do exercise because they could become fit and be healthy. So if they did not do exercise they are unfit to run or walk so thats why you should exercise.`

If children exercise they could become a runner. A runner means when you run a lot you become a runner and become fit.

When children exercise they love being fit. Being fit means that you run  or walk all the time. People exercise because they want to be fit and live longer.

People train to become fit. Training means when people train for something they train everyday for long so they can become fit and healthy

People run so they can become healthy and fit. Kids should run for cross country and because it is good for them.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Hiwarau - Term 3 Writing Sample

You got to take care of your mind and body because thats suppose to  keep you alive. Your brain is to help everything in your body work and stay alive.

The brain helps you to read,see,write and hear. You body takes care of you, like when you get scared your drenalin comes and you would be running because you would be scared,but it only stays for 1 minute or 2.

If you don't take care of body you would get sick and it can lead to death. Thats why you go to take care of your own body and brain you got to eat the right food and drink water.

If you don't drink water you get dehydrated so thats why you got to eat the right food and drink. It’s important that you look after your body and brain.

Your blood in your body is to keep your body moving, and your mussel is to help you move but your brain controls everything in you body.

If you take drugs you can get really agresif to your family or other people. There are drugs named Weed,Cocaine,Pills,glue.K2,Synthetic.

The pills can kill you some people use car logos to put on the pills and to sell it to prank people that it’s a good pill but it’s not so don’t take it it might kill you or hurt you every drug is bad for you but some are good for you some drugs are legal and some drugs are illegal.

You will see if you take a pill thats bad for your body you can die if you take the wrong pills. But some pill are good for you if you're sick the doctors give you some pill.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life ed.

Today was our last day with Harold (Life Ed) and today we learnt about alcohol. Alcohol could do lots of damage to your body if you drink too much. It can make you so drunk you can’t move or see.

Many people can die from alcohol like a boy named James. He was fit and healthy and once there was a party he went and he got offered a big bottle of alcohol. He got drunk and he was stumbling all over the place.

Then he went to sleep and all his friends said where is James and one of his mates said asleep he will be alright. The next morning his mates were trying to wake him up but it was too late he was already dead.

They tried to take him to hospital but it did not work. It was on the newspaper and it would been sad if that was one of your brothers or sisters.

Next there was a girl she was drunk and she was dancing on top of a car roof and after she had her dance she fell off the car roof on the the ground. Then someone went to go and take her into their car. He or she were going to take her to hospital but he did not. He could of took her somewhere else like their mates place or their place.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lest We Forget.

Today we went to Assembly to listen about people who fought for us a 100 years ago today.  They were named the ANZAC soldiers. Mr Burt and Mrs Flavelle’s grandpas signed up to go to war in 1914. After that some people died and people lived. Mr Burt and Mrs Flavelle’s grandpas survived the war and they were war heroes.

In the war Mr Burt and Mrs Flavelle’s grandpas had to fight in mud because the trees and the ground got blown up. They used a duck board, it’s like planks of wood, so they wouldn't get muddy and dirty. Many people got injured when the war ended. There were many young people who were fighting for our country New Zealand.

When they came back from the war Mr Burts grandpa married Mr Burts Grandma. He did not have good clothes to get married in only his army uniform. That’s how they made Mr Burt's parents, and Mr Burt's parents made him. Mr Burt told the whole school about his grandpa and how he married his grandma. Today we put up the flag at half mast like every school in NZ.

Friday, 1 August 2014

New Zealand.

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. In this country New Zealand there are 4.433 million people. New Zealand is a country with lots of cultures  like Maori, Pakeha, Samoan and more.

The first culture that came to New Zealand was the Maori. The color of our flag is blue, white, and red. The Union Jack is in one corner, and there are 4 stars of the Southern Cross. Kiwi people like playing netball and rugby.

Valerie Adams is one of the best shot putters in the world out of the ladies. She got to hold the New Zealand flag in Glasgow, Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. She has never lost a competition against anyone.