Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hiwarau sentence Mashup 2

WALT: Change the order of the words in sentences

1. Write the sentence in an order that makes sense. Remember punctuation.

2. Re-write the sentence with the same message but in a different order (you may need to change a word or two).

3. Highlight the text of your favourite version each time.

make / people / laugh / when they are sad/ I
When people are sad I make people laugh.
I make people laugh when people are sad.

play / I / a musical instrument / in the evening
In the evening I play a musical instrument.
I play a musical instrument in the evening.

shy / not / when I meet / new people / I am
When I meet new people I am not shy.
I am not shy when I meet new people.

my best friend / next to me / is sitting
My best friend is sitting next to me.
Next to me is my best friend.

standing / is / behind me / My teacher
My teacher is standing behind me.
Behind me is my teacher.

Solar system / the eighth planet / is / Neptune / in our
The eighth planet in Neptune is in our solar system.
Neptune is our eighth planet of our solar system.

to London / go / I / want to
I want to go to London.
London is where I want to go.

my favourite city / is / Auckland
My favourite city is Auckland.
Auckland is my favourite city.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hiwarau week over franks.

On Saturday and Sunday I was sleeping over Franks to help his mum bake some cupcakes and muffins,cakes. It was nice Franks mum is a good cooker when i grow up i want to be a chief like chief Ramsey and Franks mum.When the cakes and the cupcakes, and muffins were ready we started to put some icing on the cake and muffins and then put chocolate on the pancakes and the put chocolate on the cupcakes.

When we were ready to eat the cakes and the muffins and the cupcakes were finished putting the icing on the cakes and muffins and cupcakes it was ready to eat it was nice my taste buds were bursting with flavour in my mouth it was so nice i got full over two on sunday.We took some muffins to church it was Franks church after church we went back to Frank's place.

To get some swimming togs with his death brother Whiti we went to the we got ready in our togs and to jump in the pool and Frank’s brother Whiti jumped in the pool with his hat on.
When we got back to Frank’s house we had to help his mum out to do our dinner and dessert.

When dinner was ready everybody  went straight to the table to have their dinner dessert. We had to wash our hands and pray when we were finished praying. It was time to prey on our food and dessert then we watched some movies on the tv.