Friday, 28 March 2014

Sports At Tamaki College.

On Friday after morning tea we walk to Tamaki College in two lines. Once we get to Tamaki we sit down on the field. Then we wait for the year 12 students from Tamaki to put us in groups. We had to wait for them to give us the instructions on how to play the game.
We go to Tamaki college to do fitness. The year 12 students get credits from then NCEA. To get fit and staying healthy as well as having fun with the year 12 students.

The first game we played was called chain tiggy. We had to run away from the person who was in and if he or she tag any of us then we would have to wrap our arms around there arms. Then if there was only one person left then he or she is the winner.

After that game we played this hard game we all had to lie on the chairs. Then when our tutors took the chairs away we had to try and hold the person who was on your legs and hold them up as long as you could.

Then when we all had to go back to school our tutors gave us a high five before we went back to school. On the way back to school all of us was enjoying ourselves playing at Tamaki College with our own tutors.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone?
What kind of damage does a cyclone cause?
How can you get ready for a cyclone?

1. A cyclone can do lots of damage. It can take down trees and branches and it could hit some people. When the waves smack into the rocks it creates a lot of impact and splashes everywhere.

2.A cyclone can do lots of damage by hitting trees into houses. The strong  winds can push cars when they are driving across the road. It might hit something and people might get hurt.         

3. You can get ready by staying safe inside your house and storing food like water and fruit. You can secure  objects outside from flying around and hitting other stuff into your house.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Fia Fia.

At school at 2 o'clock in the afternoon we start our Fia Fia. I’m in the hip hop group. I like it because we have got Miss King, she’s our tutor. She is good at instructions. Our song is skrillex, ‘Happy’ and some other songs.

Our group leaders are Neo and Mele.They are the people that are teaching us the dance moves. I feel happy that I picked hip hop because it’s got a good beat in it and they have got good dance moves. I like the tutors and our leaders are good at dancing.

When Fiafia starts it’s going to be exciting. Because last year it was fun performing. I was in the Asian group. We had Mrs She as our tutor. We had the dragon in our performance and we did the Gangnam Style song.

Friday, 7 March 2014


What is it?
Why is it special?
How do you use it?
What is it used for?

What is It?
Sketchup is something you can use on any computer and netbook. It’s a    3d drawing tool and some people use it to make toys. Our school uses sketchup to make toys for the little kids because the old toys that they used are broken and thats why we are making new toys.

Why is it special?
It’s special because you can make any toys and it’s fun to use and it’s cool to make new toys for the little kids at Pt England school. They are very lucky they are getting new toys so they can have fun with.

How do you use it?
We downloaded Sketchup. You have to have a Ipad, and other stuff. You have to get any block you want and try to make anything.

What is it used for?
We use it to create 3D design.