Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Seeing What College Was Like For The Yr8s

Yesterday morning was a wet soggy day, The skies were grey just like the clouds. The whole Yr8s from Pt England and Glen Innes primary, Glen Brae, Tamaki primary, St pauls, Panmure Bridge Came to Tamaki College. To see what college was like, Once the the senior Intermediate came to tamaki college the Dp Principal was greeting us to come and set down on the chairs in the hall. After that she was talking to about what college is like, Then we had to grab a the tamaki card with a USB. Then On the cards it will say our names on it and it will show our groups. Theres was 4 groups Rata, Puriri, Kowhai, Totara.

Once we got into our groups we all done some school work and done some fitness. First my group puriri done graphics it was alright we made a paper crocodile after that we did science. It was fun we had to put ingredient in to the Cylinder. After that when we put in our last Ingredient and the whole ingredients turned into hot bubbles and the bubbles went everywhere lucky we were wearing safety gloves and safety glasses.

Then we done maths it was hard because the teachers talking way too fast and we had to answer them I was getting confused. After she was finished talking I was getting more confused because I did not hear anything that came out of her mouth. After we done math I was happy because we were doing P.E it was fun when Dorce put us in groups we played three games. We played touch, Hand soccer and basketball it was awesome. The last thing we done was english that was the hardest our teacher for english was Mrs Latu.

When English was over we all headed back the Tamaki College School hall it was fun seeing what college was like. When we were in the hall the same teacher from the start when we came in to the school. She was talking us about stuff and then she was handing out some prizes the prizes were a laptop bag and a 3d printer. After that all the schools around Glen Innes went back to their schools, it was so fun.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Anzacs And The WW1

In 1914 there was a war against Anzacs and Europe. It began on 28 July 1914. The was was for so long. There were bombs dropping from the sky and there were guns firing and there lots of lives taken and some people injured. There plans dropping out of the sky and zooming fast across the sky some people got a blown off arm or leg. But when they arrived there was no time to have a rest they all just started shooting there handguns and there rifles. But some people didn't even get to run because there were bullets going everywhere.

It was so violent. There were bodies everywhere,some people surrendered and some people just tried to hide but there were bad people everywhere. But we won WW1, there were thousands and thousands of people who died for us in the war against Anzacs and the European. When some of the war heroes arrived. Some of the dead peoples families were crying and some families were happy to see their sons and husbands.

Right now in 2015 some of the war heroes around New Zealand and Australia are still alive and some of the war heroes tell stories about themselves. Every year we have Anzac Day and Poppy day.  Anzac day is on the 25th of april and poppy day is on 24 of april. Anzac means Australia,New Zealand,Army,Corps.

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday morning, we had an assembly in the Pt England School school hall. We all were starting to sit down and be quiet. Then Mr Burt was talking to us about the WW1 and the Anzacs who fought for us and for our country. Anzac means Australia,New Zealand,Army,Corps. After that all teams had to do a performance. Team 1 to 5 All performed for the new term for Pt England school. When team1 were performing the whole school watched the performance and when they were watching the performance, they got something to eat.

They got a sandwich, pancakes, carrots and celery. When team 1 was finished, it was team 2’s turn to perform. Team 2 had a video for the whole school to watch. It was about Winnie the Pooh and his friend, the donkey. Winnie the Pooh and his friends had to make donkey an house. Then they went to go find some twigs to make his house out of sticks. When they found some things that they needed. They kept making the house again, and again, and again Because it keeps busting down. So when they were done. Donkey came and he was so happy.

Then it was time for team 3 there one was a video as well. There one was amazing. When some of the student of Pt England School got some more food for them to eat. When they done there video. It went to team 4 to team 5, Team 5 Performance was about the Anzacs. The senior block teachers were dressed in army clothes. The people in team 5 where saying stuff like real Anzacs will say, When they would say something the year 7 and 8 were saying the things back to them like we were soldiers.