Monday, 7 December 2015

Reflection about the year

Term 1, first term of the year. Term 1 was an amazing term because we done lots and lots of work and activities like zeal zone. Term 2 was alright but kind of boring because we just done the same old thing work work an more work. But was still a good term. Term 3 that was an cool exiting term. We done activities like basketball and other sports. Every week on Wednesday my maths class always went to basketball.

Term 4 was algoods because we done some more sports it was called volleyball. Every Tuesdays the year 8 student at Pt England school went to tech and the yr 7 went to tech on Thursday. Now it is time for term 5 the last term of the year. I recon term 5 was the best term because it is the last term for the year and it’s going to be cool in the holidays.
But i'm going to miss Intermediate. Because i'm going to college i'm not even near ready to go to college. I’m going to Tamaki college it’s just down the road. Every term we have 10 weeks, This term we went to Tamaki college to see how cool is college it was fun. But i’m still ready, Because the teachers might give me hark work.

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